Keep Barton Court in Canterbury

Help us fight the proposal to close down a successful mixed grammar school site in Canterbury, Kent and relocate the school eight miles away to a new site in Herne Bay in 2017.

Read our official response to the ‘consultation’ results here.

Read our official submission to the ‘consultation’ here:

There are many reasons why we feel the proposals to move Barton Court Grammar School have been ill-judged, badly communicated and plain wrong from the very start. You can read more about the proposal and what we think of it here. We’ve produced a leaflet to help explain the problems with what’s being proposed:


And we’ve published an evidence-based analysis of some of the misleading claims being made too:

We’ve also published some worrying research into the new site and the potential for a serious flooding issue:

We are a group of parents, prospective parents, students, teachers and other residents from in and around Canterbury, Whitstable and Herne Bay who are committed to fighting these proposals. We’re doing this in the interests of current pupils, potential future pupils and the wider Canterbury district community.

We’re not associated with the school in any way – in fact since the forum was established they demanded we changed our name and we’ve also been threatened with legal action by the school’s chair of governors for telling people how to contact him by email.